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爱我请留言剧情介绍|台湾特产批发"Step root failure, I will help you to Quebec head, let you lead the army, I will let them play with you, let you make great achievements, increase your prestige, then, by you to expel Quebec head, and then regard me as queen, the five tribes will follow suit. A glimmer of excitement flashed through the woman's eyes: "At that time, I can seal you for my husband, we take charge of xianbei, sweep the western regions, invasion of big fellow!""And people will always be old. When they return to the country, they will be clean-cut and clean-cut. It is natural to say that this is a fine occasion. But how many officials have been clean-cut and clean-cut since ancient times? Moreover, they have worked hard for the court all their lives, but in the end they have been clean-cut and clean-cut, and they have worked hard without merit. How can the court bear it?""No, there's an ambush!" Chen xing finally react at the moment, while waving a pike, dialing the arrow cluster, while with military forces to retreat outside the city, just this moment of kung fu, has a lot of people in the arrow fell to the ground, Chen xing also regardless of the casualties of the soldiers, flattery to retreat outside the city.

"Oh ~" sentence suddenly nodded, followed by lyu3 bu4 back to their camp."Hum!" See wei kill, Chen Xingfei horse ran to wei, coss eyes flashed a wiper machine, take off the bow, draw a carving plume from the arrow bag, slowly pull the bowstring, until the bowstring was pulled to the extreme, suddenly let go.Lyu3 bu4 mouth corners suddenly took a sneer at, waved and said: "Nothing, you go back first."爱我请留言剧情介绍|The three looked at each other, all shook their heads, Country frown way: "Master how can have such an idea, At this point is the critical moment, although our army tired, but the yuan this beginning also under great pressure, at this moment our army a retreat, originally weak lombardi will be like a tiger out of the cage, unstoppable, and with our morale now, once we make the move to evacuate, just yuan this beginning sent a rush, I'm afraid it will immediately become a rout. "

爱我请留言剧情介绍|Pang Tong understood, zhaoyun also understood, with a slight sigh, but his eyes became firm, turned on his horse, and smiled at Addis: "So, madam, we should go."Sheep are kept, With a woman, And even xianbei king's court, The temuzhen adult is also respected, plus the huns and some unsatisfactory small tribes, the huns tribe has just been established, there is a growing trend of prosperity, so that countless huns see hope, perhaps one day, with temuzhen adult, really can reproduce the fierce power and glory of the huns megatron grassland."I beg your pardon." Lyu3 bu4 with a wave of smile, two people discussed a specific plan, then back to camp, the next morning, lyu3 bu4 with pound, Liao Hua, martial arts, giffin and d left camp, monitor mayi trends.

"Master, do you want me to tonight, to bind this woman?" Sentence tu hey laughed, although is xianbei king's court, but in lyu3 bu4 side with a long time, a lot of guts fat."Fat San? That's a good name." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech can't help laughing and saying: "What do you want to tell me?""Where have Xu Sheng and Chen Xing's troops gone?" Wei yan twisted his head, looking at his lieutenant wei, with himself is of the same family, one hand martial arts also get hand, more shot a good arrow, wei yan value.爱我请留言剧情介绍|




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