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啊用力一点好大|隐疤乐效果怎么样Chapter 16 pang tong mou hanzhong"General lu, take some men to control ye cheng. General ma, follow me to ye cheng." The scribes put away the map and drowned.Time in yecheng garrison in waiting, in one minute one second past, a lot of wood to transport, with the constant improvement of the other defenses, is as ShouJiang Zhao De had to marvel at its works perfect, front and back at the end of the fence was become an organic whole repeatedly, even on the diaphragm and the top can perfect defense enemy arrow rain mass ejection, only each other every step dozens, hung a bronze mirror, but don't know why.

< / p > < p > ranjan also want to say what, before the hall, two military officers have urged the horse forward."This...... "Zhang lu's complexion became ugly. After a long time, he asked," how many soldiers and horses have come?"Lv bu shook his head and said, "as far as the general knows, the new emperor of guishuang kingdom was not long after he ascended the throne. He was driven out of the royal court by the nobles of guishuang because of his impure blood.啊用力一点好大|'good! < / p > < p > red man saw Yang ren to kill, eyes flash a smile, not flash not avoid, in Yang ren rushed to the moment, a dodge to avoid, at the same time a grabbed Yang ren's long gun, in Yang ren's eyes, arms power, a roar, the students will he off the horse back, fell on the ground.

啊用力一点好大|"Ourselves, Lei stone, to I throw down!" Zang ba pushed open the arrows and kicked over a soldier who was cowering in the corner with a shield, growling angrily."Well, then, according to the order of the king, I beg the emissaries of baiji to settle down in the post-house for a little while, and give you all a good answer before the snow and ice melt in the coming year." Liu xie smiled."Brother guang sheng should not embarrass shuhuan. If it were not for the sovereign, how could brother shuhuan have the courage to come to this undeveloped land?" Another Confucian scholar sat next to zheng xiaotong, shaking his head and laughing, saying, "but brother shuhuan, if you come here to show off your origin, you really come to the wrong place. You should go back home and show off your peasants. Oh... Almost forget, wei jia seems to have been not in hedong, but do not know in xu chang have got the property? If not, you can come to chang 'an. The land of the government can be rented, but it will not be given to anyone."

< / p > < p > the head of the class is lv bu in chang 'an began to spread, most of the lv bu implementation of elite policy, eliminated the soldiers placed in place to maintain local order.In the distance, xia houyuan with the army slowly stopped in three miles away, frowning at the circle shaped barracks.啊用力一点好大|




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