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250qq c om情艺中心|深圳手机充值卡代理Looked at lyu3 bu4 closer and closer, Zhang Gu finally panic, madly waving his sword, to prevent lyu3 bu4 near, at the same time snapped: "kill, kill him for me!"Giffin left Hetao early in lyu3 bu4, As you go deep into the prairie, Has begun to order people secretly in the upper reaches of the xianbei river secretly built a dam to store water, The so-called xianbei river, the Ordos River, In this era, In fact, the names are not uniform, Each family has its own name, a title of generals in ancient times under the leadership of zhang embroidery and liao hua, seclusion in the vicinity of the king's court, only lyu3 bu4 commanded, can rushed into the king's court, meet lyu3 bu4, now, the king's court is the most vulnerable, in addition to lyu3 bu4 more than three hundred QinWei, there are only one thousand people stationed everywhere."Zhou Cang." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Zhou Cang one eye.

Is not lyu3 bu4 suddenly become compassionate, but the land and the body has too much contact, here is the body's hometown, the feeling of hometown, let lyu3 bu4 whenever want to move the idea of soldiers, the body will have a very painful feeling."One hundred and fifty thousand..." Lyu3 bu4 eyes sank, then shook his head and smiled bitterly: "Military forces nearly twice as much as our army, khan, if let Daxi Xinjue into the hinterland of Yinshan, even if can't break the king's court, khan's reputation, is also a great provocation! We must resist them outside Yinshan!""Master!" Sentence tu and upright when like a ghost appeared behind lyu3 bu4, cold dark eyes, flashing a terrible opportunity to kill.250qq c om情艺中心|"Wen and but it doesn't hurt to say." Lyu3 bu4 against handsome chair, sink a track.

250qq c om情艺中心|Chapter 43 Invitation"What strength!" A glance has become a bow-shaped point steel gun, zhang he looked at xiongkuohai, picked up a pike from the ground, looked at xiongkuohai way: "I am hebei general zhang he, who is he, quote!""Hey, you can't say that." Pang Tong leaned against the wall, Look at the sky way: "rule are such things, Is to break the old, set up a new, these things are very troublesome to you, in short, tell you a thing, lyu3 bu4 to do now, bigger than cao cao, lombardi, he wants to break this inherent thing, so he will stand on the opposite side of the family, this kind of thing, from ancient times to now, is a party was completely destroyed to end. "

"Yes!" Suddenly a few steps ran out of the king's tent, soon, holding a large piece of sutured sheepskin came in, so spread on the ground."I mean, even if I help you kill Kuitou, why do you sit on the throne, you think xianbei people will recognize a woman as their king?" Lyu3 bu4 helplessly looked at the woman, IQ?"Xie master trust." Giffin heart slightly warm, know this is lyu3 bu4 know his character, refused to risk easily, will he stay.250qq c om情艺中心|




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