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pta 上市公司叉车回收The country shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, what else can you do?"

Warning?"Yes!" Ezra pound promised to 1, quickly called under soldiers, will kneel down qiang, please drive out of the camp, to the direction of JingJing.A hurried hoofs of horses came, followed by a long sound from far and near, dusty soldiers rushed in from outside the tent, kneeling on one knee in front of lyu3 bu4, the hands of bamboo paper held high, panted and said: "master, jincheng urgent report!"pta 上市公司Nearly 3,000 Han troops formed a conical array with Lu Bu as the apex behind Lu Bu, A pair of hot eyes tightly staring at lyu3 bu4 hands raised the party day painting ji, the army, has been following lyu3 bu4 victory after victory, successfully honed out a kind of my invincible spirit, compared to the past, has already changed, become a real elite division.

pta 上市公司"Ah!" Ma Dai's face changed greatly. "What should I do now?""Stop it!" A big hand clutched the arrow cluster, lyu3 bu4 appeared in front of hande, looking at the escape of the huns, sneer at a way: "send an army symbolic chase after a chase, remember, don't kill people.""Go!" The crowd suddenly sounded a violent drink, giffin with XiongKuoHai, pressure a thin man from behind the crowd, smiling at lyu3 bu4: "master, accidentally met an acquaintance? If not surprise, and the courage of male general, tonight is even difficult to catch this person!"

"Er... general, our army now only three thousand military forces, jun add up to five thousand people, and zhong yao these days only keep not attack, don't fight with us head-on, according to the end of the will see, or such as seibel general came, and then send troops together, grasp the bigger." Lieutenant worried looking at wei.Chapter forty-three soft bones"Bao ~"pta 上市公司




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