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净化天灾巨魔美姿减肥胶囊"Oh?" Gao shunwen yan, with people on the lookout, watching the slow approaching shield and shield after the car, a bed crossbow, frowning thought: "or just the direction, continue to shoot!""Crossing the river? Lv meng was surprised to see zhou yu: "but the beacon tower... "

Originally, shi one just came to see the scene, and the position was quite safe, the other side shot a wave of crossbow arrow, and then hang up, and still led a taxi was directly nailed to death, which let the state envoy group heart kind of beep dog feeling.The whole wall, except for the bowmen at the back, was quickly divided into hundreds of such small squares. Although the battle was fierce, the guanzhong army on the wall was in good order."Bei also thought cao gong should be... "Liu bei zheng wants to push the position of the alliance Lord to cao cao, this is zhuge liang before the account is good, today is different from the past, when yuan shao relying on the position of the alliance Lord, can be vassal, but now the various forces have formed, the position of the alliance Lord has become a hot potato, once taken over, no benefit, have a hard battle also have to their own.净化天灾巨魔"A person who knows shu well must go there." Jia xu smiled and nodded.

净化天灾巨魔"Master." On zhou yu's boat, a middle-aged man in white armor came to zhou yu. He sat down with zhou yu and looked at the river."Quick, inform the general, archers ready!" Wei yue did not know what it was, but it did not prevent him from guessing that the shell, which looked very thick, was probably made to defend the bow and arrow, and that the stake in front could attack the city and attack the formation, and that the hole through which the people inside could shoot the enemy.Appeared, but the idea was cao cao to disperse, and can't play, mighty governors of the union, if you count the deployed military forces in shu, nearly five hundred thousand troops, but eventually failed, but not myself down to his face slapped, and if left now, just waiting to lyu3 bu4 then swept across the world, then who else can block lyu3 bu4 footsteps?

Lyu3 bu4 looked at these so-called wooden beast, frowned, it is not too high technical content, so give a person to build up a mobile log house, can be very good avoid lyu3 bu4 army arrows rain, someone threw them from the general tank fire ignition, but the effect is not very good, the guests usually wood even if a is ignited, because the wood is too thick, and at that time, people also nothing important matter, and quite scattered, many wooden beast below still with the siege of ladder, arrived in the wall below, bad arrows rain cover, quickly siege ladder is removed, to start siege on the walls."The world is very big, talented people." Zhou yu shook his head and put on a white cloak. He looked at the fog-shrouded river. The soldiers in white were tying the boats together with ropes to avoid getting lost."Certainly not." Tracing the cause hesitated, look to the Zhou Yudao: "the chief ever wondered, liu2 bei4 wedding, but not to the lyu3 bu4 Posting, lyu3 bu4 angel can just arrived, explain this, liu bei's every move, are known to be lyu3 bu4, Jason I don't know how many I jiangdong lyu3 bu4 to install connects, but dare to assert that ehrsson Cao Liu alliance against lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 already know, I'm afraid."净化天灾巨魔




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