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李厚霖文库|小型客货车Chapter 84 the tide is setChengdu, ci shi fu.As for the weight of hay and hay want to go through the plank road, can only back of the back, the horses and chariots do not think.

"Well." < / p > < p > guan yu nodded, as the charge in the first line of the people, he knew better than liu bei that help the western region hu bing crazy, think of not long ago, directly from the wall jumped down the body as a weapon to hit the people of the western region hu bing, even if it is guan yu feel some cold."Lord, how did you come?" Pang tong did not pay attention to the law, because pang tong had seen the following in the magnificent sea side, wearing a military uniform lv zheng is in the ranks, more than pang tong, the law is also a change in the face, hurried forward bowed salute after pang tong some worry asked."More than a month, less than half a month, I have news." Pang tong seriously looked at wei yan and said, "langzhong daying has our detailed works and will send news to us regularly.李厚霖文库|"Well." Watching d the back of the beautiful woman leave, can not help lamenting his fate, married such a virtuous

李厚霖文库|The emotion of hatred was suppressed by lv meng, but the seed of hatred has been rooted in the heart of every jiangdong soldier, including lv meng.Even if he is now able to command the ship, at the moment in the face of jiangdong rapid change in the formation of the water army, penetrable infiltration, but also just in the inch of the ground struggling to support, as if in the storm a leaf boat, at any time may be engulfed by waves, this is Chen to life, play the most suffocated, but also the most helpless battle."Well." Guan yu nodded, but when in the heart silently sighed, as a result, the han that bit of majesty is completely not only, and hence liu2 bei4 also will offer the emperor as a puppet, but inside, there is no resistance to guan yu, the world has been so, offer the emperor is not a small baby can run, for liu bei quashed the worldwide in the future, the majesty of nature can restore the big fellow.

Especially after the allied forces had exhausted many elite troops, if lu bu's five elite troops were mobilized at this moment, I am afraid that both cao cao and liu bei would be badly weakened and would have to wait for death.No directors in March?An indescribable pressure pressed on lv meng, and the countless double eyes gathered together, at this moment, it seemed that a mountain was pressed down. At this moment, lv meng could deeply understand the influence of zhou yu in this camp.李厚霖文库|




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