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broliset|康尔来经络通"Master." Cheng Gongying crossed the gate, took up a cool breeze, toward the Han Sui a courtesy way: "The court messenger has settled down.""Arrows!"Wei yan's intelligence has been sent, just by these, simply not enough to determine who did it, also can only put aside.

Time, whether lyu3 bu4 or Korea hence, are very short.D eyes gradually spread a touch of blood, Father's death, brother's death, Ma Tie's injury, the anger in the chest as if to crack the whole body, the silver gun pierced the void, even with a track of horrible remnants, the potential of the body inspired by anger, was fully inspired, gathered into a wave of high waves of offensive, like a storm falling toward larocca."Naturally, would you like to help me?" Lyu3 bu4 laughed.broliset|Lyu3 bu4 smell speech eyes a fiercely, he believes, if really forced to hurry with the han sui, with the character of the person, was forced to hurry, will definitely do this kind of thing, and wuwei not far from hetao, lyu3 bu4 must consider, if Korea hence really led the huns kou side, how should he preserve the people of the west cool place?

broliset|"Gongtai, I know what you mean, the moment we want to give priority to stability, as long as the million people can settle down, over time, will be able to train an army, then Korea hence, marten will not be afraid, can be right?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Chen gong, seriously....

"Xinfeng camp and even the county seat, I'm afraid has been broken by wei yan, we rush to at this time, I'm afraid will hit with wei yan." Zhong yao bitter way, I didn't expect their dignitaries, unexpectedly will be a unknown general led by the nose."Your Majesty, what shall I do?" RiLe carefully looked at the leopard, asked softly."General mighty!" Around the soldiers issued a cheer, wei yan but lightly relieved, the battle is not easy.broliset|




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